About us

About Us

The proliferation of digital computing technologies signifies that the age of the digital economy is upon us. Research has also shown that companies’ IT decision makers understand the
looming importance of addressing issues in the core such as updating key legacy systems and applications as costs build up (opportunity cost as well),
coupled with reliability, security and productivity concerns.

Digitization brings along with it a wealth of benefits such as high availability, intuitive interfaces, faster turnaround time, increased consistency, better operational controls,
lower costs, gaining customer insights through the replacement of manual processes with software, reduces implementation risk, allows better decision making, performance tracking
and provide real time fulfillment in the case of mobile apps. However, digitization is not an easy process as it necessitates the combination of old wisdom with new skills.
The role of Information Technology companies has shifted from the likes of system integration
and implementation to support and complementary services revolving around the employment of new technologies.

Infinite Solution already foresee this eminent trend a year earlier and has started building up our portfolio, core competencies and gearing up our Team of IT professionals
with the expertise and necessary skillsets in the fields of big data, software customization and mobile applications development. We are not here to boast but rather we are here to
help you with your digitization needs, using the little first mover advantage that we have earned ourselves by assimilating it early in our own business processes. We save you the hassle
of experimenting from scratch again, we will guide you and accelerate the digitization of your business processes, bringing you to where you need to be in this digital era,
building upon what your business truly needs.

Who we are?

Infinite Solution is a customer driven IT company that has businesses spanning from IT consultancy, integration services to support and maintenance services. We have a strong presence
in ASEAN countries like Malaysia and Thailand and have proven our business efficiency through the establishment of various partnerships:
Appointed HP Premium Solutions Partner, Cisco Certified Partner, Microsoft Silver Compliance Partner as well as IBM and Sun Microsystems, to name a few.